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Punk Mask Photoshoot

Nothing like a photoshoot in an empty car park at night on a stairway that smells of wee but always worth it to get the shots. At least the moment is captured under the covid rules as you are wearing a mask anyway while doing a photoshoot for a mask. Another exciting...

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Decora Mask Photoshoot

This kind of fashion style epitomizes the model and my friend Jo's personality. I totally get why she wanted to create a mask revolved around the theme of 'Decora'. This fashion has its place in Japanese street style and is an infusion in the Harajuku culture. Jo is a...

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Daisy Mask Photoshoot

Had the pleasure of being part of my wonderful friend Jo's business venture FACE THIS  hand producing her own bespoke face masks, made to measure to any head size. Please check out her Facebook business page to view her one of a kind range of masks by clicking here or...

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